There are several home improvements that offer a high return on investment for homeowners who are looking to sell.  Some investments are still worthwhile, while there are others you might reconsider. Keep reading to learn about five cheap home improvements that are worth the investment.


Update your entry door

A new entry door is a cost-effective improvement that will offer substantial returns during a sale. You have lived there for years and have not noticed that it does not look like it used to.


Install insulation

Adding insulation isn't a flashy renovation, but it will improve the value of your home. In fact, due to low installation costs, many homeowners get a 100 percent return on their investment. You'll also be saving money while you're in your home since you won't have to use the heater or air conditioning quite as much.


Replace your garage door

Old garage doors, even if they're hidden from street view, don't do much for a home's visual appeal. They also create an ideal entry point for intruders. Updating your garage door isn't particularly costly. In fact, most installations recoup 75 percent of the cost.


Improve your kitchen

Upgrading the dated features in your kitchen is a great way to bring extra value to your home. Flooring, countertop and fixture updates provide a reasonable return on investment. Adding treatments to your kitchen windows is another way to modernize the look of your home without breaking the bank.


Always avoid over investing in your kitchen. Embarking on a $40,000 remodel could price you out of your neighbourhood and hurt your chances of selling.



Improving your home can be a little scary, but with the right planning you can improve the look and functionality of your home without overspending.


Smart investments also mean you'll see a greater return when you decide to sell.