When an agent shows your property to a prospective buyer what do you do with your pets, particularly the dog? There are lots of dog and cat lovers out there; however, there are also people who are petrified of dogs no matter how much you tell them that Pluto is a friendly dog who will just wag his tail at you. You do need to take that into serious consideration and allow for it, when putting your home on the market.

To enable complete access for showings to prospective purchasers, it’s best if your dog is either confined to a specific fenced in area, if not a loud barker. An alternative and better solution is to take the dog for a walk which it will love whilst at the same time giving you some exercise as well. Or take it a neighbour who knows the dog or perhaps a friend or relative.

I took some people to a home a few years ago and was surprised by a fiercely barking Corgi inside. The buyers took off – they were scared. You don’t want to restrict any area of your house or cut down people’s ability to see it, so please make appropriate arrangements.

With “Open Homes” it is not issue as owners are not present. One more thing: Don’t forget to clean up after your dog every day when your home is on the market for sale as you don’t want any surprises when people walk around the back yard! If there are odours buy a quality deodoriser.