Long Term Tenancy Agreements

When property investors and tenants think of tenancy terms, it is generally 6 or 12 months.  However, have you considered a longer tenancy? For residential properties, you can enter a tenancy term for up to 3 years.


While this may not be for everyone it can be a smart choice if:

  • A tenant is looking for a long-term secure tenancy.
  • You are not looking to sell the property within the tenancy term.
  • You are wanting to reduce the possibility of increased wear and tear, or
  • You want long-term rental security.

Rental increases can also be included during the three-year period to ensure that your income is maximised in accordance with the market. Tenancy terms can be for any period – 7 months, 10 months or 21 months, etc.


We can discuss this further with you when your property becomes available for rent.