23 Eighth Avenue

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We have just been notified of settlement and transfer of funds resulting from the recent sale of our property.

Deb Stephens, thanks for your sterling efforts in bringing this about.

A family member who is familiar with the real estate industry in Tasmania originally recommended you to us. He noted your integrity and competence.

We have now sold three rental properties through you and found that recommendation was fully justified.

We have appreciated your honest appraisal of the property and sound advice as to the way it should be offered.

What we particularly noticed after engaging you was the vigour and enthusiasm with which you approached the task. This was refreshing to see in the

Tasmanian real estate market. Perhaps it is not surprising then that the properties sold so quickly in each case.

As you know, we were concerned with the recent sale, because you would be dealing with rental agents from another company — a company with a sales team of its own. But you allayed our concerns with the promise of good relationships with the rental agent, and this proved to be the case. Everything went smoothly.

Once again thank you and all the best.

Ian & Fay August 14, 2018