Thank you

Lyn Ross , 17 Aug 2015

I write to you to express - in the best way I can in the written word - my extreme gratification for the incredibly professional way you handled the sale of my family home in Lindisfarne. We achieved an outstanding result!
My Dad built this home in the 60's and we moved in around 1965 - I was just 15 years old. As you got to know me you particularly became aware of the essence, the substance and the memories that this home held for me and my brother Peter. It was full of so many memories - that will stay in my heart forever.
With Mum and Dad having both passed on it came the time to sell the family home. At the time we decided to interview several agents to ensure we were going to realise the best and fairest result. Having bought and sold several properties in the dynamics of the Sydney market we were looking for a real professional. I was also going to give the selected agent a really great product - presentation is everything!
Hank, your selection as the agent was easy and the others were very distant to what you positioned. Firstly, your presentation, personally and professionally, just confirmed your experience – you immediately gave me confidence. Your empathy - your sensitivity - your objective appraisal of the property - your respect for me and what I wanted to give you as a product. Your knowledge and sales tactics in the way to price the property and the marketing strategy was inspirational.
Hank, your commitment to me as the client - the vendor - your realistic approach to pricing strategy and the approach was comforting and made me feel that 'I was in the hands of a Pro' - someone who knew what he was doing and the years of experience always came through.
There were some complications as we moved through the process which involved the Council and other government bodies - you were a guiding light through that process. However, your greatest attribute - your greatest contribution - particularly when we were back in NSW – was your excellent communication – your timely and consistent updates – your proactive input to adjusting strategy etc. was outstanding and just continually reinforced that going with you was the best decision we ever made. Hank, you're a professional and if anyone wants a personal endorsement for your excellence please have them call me direct.
With warmest regards,
Lyn Ross