Thank you

Jenny , 17 Aug 2015

Now that the sale process is almost complete and I am about to depart, it's time to get my thoughts into words.
First, the process itself: The house, as we all agreed, is unusual and in need of modernisation. But being in Battery Point is it's great advantage. For these reasons I think the decision to get the independent valuation was wise and allowed us to have an objective opinion of its worth, especially as there were few if any recent sales of comparable houses in the area. On the other hand, your advice to set an open enquiry range meant that, using that initial value as a starting point, the advertising could be directed to attract people in the hope that we would find someone who really wanted it and was prepared to compete. This did happen and we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome, in such dramatic circumstances at the end.
Now to my feelings: This process had been a journey that now leads us to a new chapter of life. We have known for the last couple of years that Mum and Dad couldn't support each other for ever, but of course, it was not until it actually happened (and quite suddenly in the end) that it really hit home what a task it would be to move them out - emotionally and physically. After the initial period of settling Mum and Dad, I decided to set aside some dedicated time to clearing out the house. This was a daunting task, but turned out to provide some high points as well as lows. Throughout that time, it struck me a number of times just how much more difficult it would have been if I had been tackling the task after one of our parents had recently died. That they are both still living and that Dad, in particular, was able to explain and interpret some of our interesting finds was of great benefit. The exercise has allowed us to have some interesting discussions of past times that we may not otherwise have had. As well as that, we have made contact with a number of people that we've not been close to in recent times, but have been part of our lives in Battery Point. All have been happy to help and have also shared some of their thoughts and memories of our family.
Now, it is time for that chapter to end, but it remains a strong and happy memory.
Thankyou for your part in this closing the chapter. It made a difference to Ros and me that we had an experienced guide to advise and lead us through.