Thank you

Hugh and Roshelle Fraser , 20 Sep 2016

I have never met a person who was so committed to the client as Kerri-louise was with us. We have a few rental properties in various states in Australia and some of which I have been managing myself.
I used to have an Electrical Business in Tasmania and we did the Electrical work for EIS Property at that time who were fantastic to deal with.
I had a particular property where the tenants had been in the property for 9 years. On face value one would think that they would be model tenants however they started becoming exceptionally difficult as it appeared they had started using drugs and had marked behavioural changes and were behaving very irrationally. The tenants decided that they wanted to break their lease after only resigning on a few months earlier for another 24 months. They wouldn’t let any prospective tenant go through the property which meant that it was next to impossible to relet the property until they had vacated.
At this point I thought, life is too short to be stressed out over tenants and rental properties. I decided to contact EIS Property and get them to manage it for me and find me a new tenant.
It may have been luck or providence but I was put in contact with Kerri-Louise Hooper and discussed the situation with her. Kerrie was unbelievable in the effort that she went to in helping us out. She provided advice and even liased with the existing tenants to ensure that the place was left in a reasonable state when they vacated. I commented to her at the time that I was so surprised that she was willing to take it on as Kerrie was even verbally abused by the existing tenants for wanting to advertise the property before they moved out. Kerrie seemed to easily take it all in her stride though. The day that the tenants were to vacate Kerrie met my wife at the property to carry out the final inspection and mediated with the existing tenants as they were being quite irrational and even though they had outstanding rent and water usage bills they wanted their bond paid back to them in full and in cash. Kerrie explained to them the situation and they eventually left the property in an empty but untidy state. My wife and one of her friends cleaned the property for a full day and Kerrie even helped clean the toilets, oven and ceiling fans to make sure that the propety was in a presentable state to show prospective tenants through.
Kerrie managed to find a new tenant in no time (less than 2 weeks vacant) and even managed to get a 25% increase in rent for the property.
Kerrie has continued to followup and has turned a situation where one would question whether it is worthwhile having rental properties to one of peace of mind and confidence that our investment is in great hands.
I would not hesitate to recommend Kerrie-Louise Hooper to any prospective landlord. Kerrie makes property management look like a breeze.