Thank you

Ros , 17 Aug 2015

For me, the process of packing up and selling Mum and Dad's house has been one of important people connections.
I really appreciated your professionalism and infectious enthusiasm in guiding us through the process. It made the journey a much more relaxed and enjoyable one than it might have been.
I am most thankful for Gail’s work in styling the house. It was great to see how good the house could look with a bit of creative furniture placement and decoration.
I am so grateful for friends who have willingly helped in the process of clearing the house. I hope that I can return the favour at some stage in the future.
I am currently at the stage of being able to regard the house sale quite dispassionately but I suspect that once it is no longer our house that there will be a whole new set of emotions that well up.
I hope that there is a new family that can make 49 Colville Street their happy home as it was for my family for so long.
Many, many thanks for your work with us.