We all want to make sure that our home not only holds its value but increases it as well. That way if needs were to change or a move were in order, the home could be sold for a premium price, making the move that much easier.


Here are a few very simple, quick ways to make sure that this happens.


Get handy.

Homeowners often get into a lull with maintaining and fixing broken or worn items in their houses. One thing leads to another, which eventually leads to repairs costing thousands of dollars. Instead of waiting, act the moment you realise something is wearing out and fix it or call a handyman -- it will save you money in the future and help maintain the value of your home.



There is an obvious correlation between the value of homes that are kept up with (at least) a weekly cleaning and those that don't. Not only will your home look nice and be clean for company, it will stay in good condition longer and you will avoid having spiders etc inside the garage, home, and attic. That’s why it is a good idea to have an annual visit from a pest control service. Make it easier on yourself by committing to a good cleaning on a weekly basis, scheduled at the same time each week so that a habit is formed.


Think outside the box.

The inside of your home may be the top priority for you, but don't forget to do basic maintenance on your lawn and surrounding areas. Remember, this is the first thing that potential buyers pull up. In fact, the looks matter so much that a recent study said that simply raking, aerating, mowing, and maintaining a basic lawn yields a excellent return on the money and time spent,  when it comes to selling!